10-30-15 Cannon's Blackthorn, Rockville Centre NY

The first time we saw Deer Tick was in 2008 when they were opened for The Felice Brothers in a circus tent at the South Street Seaport. Seven years later they shared the stage again for an insane Halloween party in Tommy's memory. Both bands played unhinged sets to a sold out crowd donned in costumes while the Mets took down the Royals in game 3 of the World Series.  Months later I met up with The Felice Brothers in a famous venue in NYC.  They said, "Man, we wish we were back in Rockville playing Cannon's right now." 

Having these shows give us the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and make new friends alone the way.  One of these people is Marc Altheim.  I first met Marc after the 2013 Deer Tick show.  He sent a donation and a letter explaining how the whole scene really touched him. He later sponsored this show and helped make it so successful. He is a true mensch.